Cửa Đại beach Hoi An during the lockdown

Cua Dai beach, the most famous Beach in Hoi An, is quiet during the lockdown in the new outbreak of Coronavirus in Vietnam. A few years ago, it was the busiest beach in the city. In 2013, a big storm came and washed away the beach. Since then, it has become quiet and people start moving to An Bang for their swim.

Fortunately, the government, with the help from dutch experts, found the best way to retain the shore. They put a lot of sand bags which help a lot. The sand is coming back.

The beach its self is very clean. The water is crystal. To access the beach, you have to climb down those sand bags. It will be a little difficult, but worth it.

From there, you can see Danang and Cham Island clearly. Besides, the view is also amazing.

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