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( Video) Hoi An in the lockdown

Hoi An is empty during the lockdown. All the businesses are closed. But its beauty is still there. There are a few Vietnamese street vendors looking for customers. Restaurants and shops has been totally closed for a months since the new outbreak.  Compared to the same time last year, Hoi An is very different.

Cửa Đại beach Hoi An during the lockdown

Cua Dai beach, the most famous Beach in Hoi An, is quiet during the lockdown in the new outbreak of Coronavirus in Vietnam. A few years ago, it was the busiest beach in the city. In 2013, a big storm came and washed away the beach. Since then, it has become quiet and people start moving to An Bang for their swim.

Fortunately, the government, with the help from dutch experts, found the best way to retain the shore. They put a lot of sand bags which help a lot. The sand is coming back.

The beach its self is very clean. The water is crystal. To access the beach, you have to climb down those sand bags. It will be a little difficult, but worth it.

From there, you can see Danang and Cham Island clearly. Besides, the view is also amazing.

How to make bubble coffee in a simple way.

Making your own a cup of coffee is vey entertaining, but you don’t have a expensive modern coffee maker. It’s not a big deal. You can creat good coffee in 10 minutes with this instruction.

What is bubble coffee? I love coffee very much, but sometimes it’s boring to drink the same coffee everyday. One day, I made an ice Americano, I wonder ” why don’t we combine Americano with Vietnamese traditional coffee? ” So in a word, this is a combination of both.

What do we need?

– a coffee filter or a coffee maker.

– a shaker

– Ice

– Condensed milk or fresh milk


– Make a good cup of Espresso with your filter or your coffee maker. And wait until it’s cool down.

– Pour the milk into a glass ( amount depends on your tastle)

– Put that coffee into the shaker together with ice.

– Shake it strongly until you see a thin layer of ice on your shaker.

– Pour everything into your glass containing milk.

Now you see a lot of bubble on the top of the glass. It’s awesome right? Now please use a spoon to stir the milk. It will make the milk whirl to the top. And it’s truly beautiful.

This coffee will pick you up quickly. Its refreshing and illuminating.

Coffee story in Vietnam

When you come to Vietnam, one of the most impressive things is its coffee, which can be found at any corner in this country with a very reasonable price; moreover, its quality will surprise you.

Coffee was brought to Vietnam by a french priest in 1857 and at that time it was the drink for french officials. Later the rich Vietnamese started drinking it, since then it has become the most popular drink here.

Vietnamese mostly drink coffee in the Morning and believe coffee will bring them a nice balance. Lots of Vietnamese also drink it before their breakfast as they reckon coffee will help them with digestion and clean their stomach. Don’t be surprised when you see coffee shops open very early in some cases at 3.00 am.

Recently Vietnam has welcomed many international coffee brands like Starbucks, Gloria Jean’s, but they don’t do well here. Low revenue has force their closure. Why can they not succeed in Vietnam? The answer is their extravagancy and people’s habbit. Vietnamese love strong coffee. According to a research, a cup of Vietnamese coffee has around 200 mg cafein while a cup of Starbucks has about 100 mg. Vietnamese think Starbucks coffee isn’t  enough for them since they has drunk strong coffee for a very long time. So what makes Vietnamese coffee stronger? It is their beans. They use more Robusta than Arabica. Vietnam takes 40% of Robusta production of the world. This bean here is much cheaper than Arabica which is said to be more fragrant but less strong. You can imagine you has drank this type of coffee since you were young and now you get old, how can you quit this habbit?  The price of Vietnamese coffee is also amazing. It costs just 1 dollar for a cup of good one while with other international brands it can cost 5 dollars, What a good deal!

In Vietnam they just drink 2 kinds of coffee: one called ” black coffee” and the other called ” brown coffee”.  Black coffe is just coffee served with ice or without ice. Brown coffee is the coffee mixed with condensed milk. Those coffee are often made by a stainless filter.  In the Morning, it is so cool to watch the coffee dripping from the filters drop by drop. So don’t miss a chance to try it when you are in Vietnam.

How to cook fried tofu with lemongrass

Tofu is a very popular ingredient in Vietnam.  It is made from soya beans through its fermentation and precipitation. For many thousand years, Vietnamese have used it in their meals and elevated it into several dishes. Today there are more and more vegetarians, or people who want to avoid red meat due to its bad effect on health, tofu becomes a great replacemet for beef or pork. Cooking tofu is not difficult but cooking it properly is another story. With this recipe and instruction, you will be able to cook it in the best way.

First, we should choose good pieces of tofu. A good piece of tofu always contains lots of soya rather than other substances. So we just smell, the fragrance of soya coming to our nose will define a good or bad tofu.


  • Tofu: 400 gram
  • Vegetable oil: 300 ml
  • Lemongrass
  • Salt
  • Napkins


  1. Chop about 10 stems of lemongrass ang put it into a clean bowl
  2. Cut the tofu into small squares.
  3. Heat the pan and pour 300 ml of oil, wait until its hot enough ( dip the chopsticks down to the oil till you see the bubbles)
  4. Put the tofu into the hot oil, remember the oil should fullt cover the tofu.
  5. Wait until the tofu turns yellow, touch the chopsticks onto it to see if they are crispy enough, then pick them all up, put them on the napkins. The oil will be absorbed quicky.
  6. Heat another pan then put 3 spoons of the new oil.
  7. Pour all the lemongrass into the oil with 1 spoon of salt, then put all the tofu into it.
  8. Shake the pan until the lemongrass turns dark yellow.

This dish is best eaten with steamed rice.