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How to make bubble coffee in a simple way.

Making your own a cup of coffee is vey entertaining, but you don’t have a expensive modern coffee maker. It’s not a big deal. You can creat good coffee in 10 minutes with this instruction.

What is bubble coffee? I love coffee very much, but sometimes it’s boring to drink the same coffee everyday. One day, I made an ice Americano, I wonder ” why don’t we combine Americano with Vietnamese traditional coffee? ” So in a word, this is a combination of both.

What do we need?

– a coffee filter or a coffee maker.

– a shaker

– Ice

– Condensed milk or fresh milk


– Make a good cup of Espresso with your filter or your coffee maker. And wait until it’s cool down.

– Pour the milk into a glass ( amount depends on your tastle)

– Put that coffee into the shaker together with ice.

– Shake it strongly until you see a thin layer of ice on your shaker.

– Pour everything into your glass containing milk.

Now you see a lot of bubble on the top of the glass. It’s awesome right? Now please use a spoon to stir the milk. It will make the milk whirl to the top. And it’s truly beautiful.

This coffee will pick you up quickly. Its refreshing and illuminating.